Analyze like a human
trade like a robot

Metronix is a powerful Trading Bot which is specialized for trading cryptocurrency.

How Does it work?

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Trading Options

Metronix has unique features that no one else has! We have several trading options, where you can choose how your profits should be stored.

For example - trading option Mix+ stores 50% of your profit into your wallet and reinvests 50% to your next order, as longer as your bot trades, your profits get bigger and bigger.


Generate your profits on top exchanges like Binance and MEXC Global. They are easily connectet via API connection.


Choose between different memberships an get the perfect match for your trading experience!


Trade on all popular crypto exchanges from one interface. 

Metronix NFTs

Get the limited Metronix NFTs and profit additional to some free Trading bots of an arbitrage bot thats trading for you!